Classic vs. innovative: Balancing cookie variety in your business

Whatever new trends bakers find to bring to the market, cookies will always be a firm favourite with consumers. But how do you balance classic flavours and formats with the modern consumer’s demand for constant innovation, and your need to keep the sales rolling in?

We’ve looked into the best ways to pair classic and innovative cookies to keep customers coming back, while offering something new for the foodies looking to experiment. Whether you need wrapped cookies to grab and go or bake in store options for cafes and coffee shops and food service outlets, there are lots of ways to balance classic flavours and innovative ideas that will maximise sales.

Try trendy twists on a classic cookie

American diner classics are set to be big this year, according to The Food People, and what’s more American than chewy chocolate chip cookies? These classic treats appeal to all ages, and they’re perfect to keep on your shelves or counter all year round.

But if you’re looking to innovate without turning your loyal customers off, you could try building on their love of chocolate chip cookies by creating a sandwich version – another big trend for 2024 – with a whipped marshmallow centre. Innovative enough to draw in the fashion forward foodie, but a safe enough bet for even the traditionalists to give it a try.

Add in unexpected cookie flavours

Sometimes simple is better when it comes to cookie flavour combos, but adding in something your customer might not be expecting can add newness and fun without you having to scrap your tried and tested recipe.

Middle Eastern flavours are set to be big in both sweet and savoury food next year, so trialling sweet honey cookies swirled with nutty tahini, or crumbly lemon cookies with a hint of rose, could bring some real innovation to your range. Want to keep it simple? Why not try adding chunks of salted caramel or a hint of lavender to a classic shortbread cookie for an elegant twist on a classic.

Add on innovation, top middle and bottom

If you don’t want to mess with that cookie recipe you know works, you could try adding an extra layer of innovation with toppings, melting middles or even a dunked bottom.

Try chewy on the outside, gooey in the middle triple chocolate cookies for the ultimate in indulgence, or rocky road-inspired cookies covered in mini marshmallows for a fun treat for customers of all ages. Looking for something for the more sophisticated palate? Spicy stem ginger cookies half dipped in rich, dark chocolate are ideal, especially for autumn and winter alongside a creamy mug of hot chocolate.

Ready to explore the right balance of classic and innovation for your customers? The team at Queensland Bakery Co. can help with pre-packed, wholesale and ready to bake cookies perfectly tailored to your needs. We can even work with you to develop your own brands and recipes. Get in touch now to find out how we can help.