Wholesale Cakes for Aviation and Airlines

Elevate in-flight experiences with our wholesale treats

Above 30,000ft, our taste bud sensitivity can be reduced by up to 30%, and our perception of sweet and salty flavours can be heavily reduced. However, if you’re in the aviation industry and you’re seeking delectable wholesale treats for airlines, we have just the right assortment to tantalise your passengers’ taste buds no matter how high in the air they are! As a trusted supplier with a legacy spanning five generations, our commitment to quality is prominent in our approach and apparent in our range of wholesale cakes.

Offering a diverse selection, our range includes everything from tempting wholesale cookies and wholesale traybakes to delightful wholesale muffins. Our commercial BCR Grade A+ bakery ensures that our frozen and ambient airline wholesale cakes meet the highest standards, providing a sweet journey for your passengers.

Just as we do with every other business we cater for, we will craft your flight snacks to match yours and your passengers’ expectations; with custom product development, we can craft our treats to suit the needs of passengers who’d enjoy a fuss-free, delicious treat on their travels. We want to tailor our products towards the convenience and happiness of your customers, so we can be sure our white label airline cakes make every journey that bit smoother!

Our commercial bakery range for the aviation industry

Having proven our experience in catering for many different businesses, such as with our wholesale cakes for restaurants and wholesale cakes for coffee shops, we understand the unique demands of serving customers even when they’re thousands of feet in the air. That’s why our range of wholesale airplane snacks is designed to cater to both traditional and on-trend flavours. Whether you prefer ready-to-bake frozen options to prepare beforehand or individually wrapped treats for those grab-and-go moments, we’ve got your in-flight snack menu covered.

Our commercial bakery range boasts a mix of contemporary and traditional flavours, ensuring that your airline stands out with high-quality treats. We can offer individual, tailored sweet airline snacks that will stand out to your customers and appeal to various preferences and tastes; combining our expertise in creating tantalising treats and watching industry trends with your knowledge of your business and its customers, we can provide the perfect airline catering service to ensure your passengers enjoy every morsel and keep coming back for more!


As your dedicated wholesale cake suppliers for airline snacks, we bring more than 130 years of baking expertise to your business. We keep a close eye on industry trends to offer bespoke cake options that align with your passengers’ preferences. Our commitment to flexibility extends to white label bakery options, allowing you to customise our products and their branding to match your airline’s unique identity.

Whether you need ready-to-serve cakes or the convenience of frozen options for your airline catering, we provide vegan friendly choices to ensure no passenger misses out on their favourite in-flight treats. From pre-packed to ready to slice, we can be your partner in creating memorable airline snacks for your customers!

Inflight Retail & Complimentary Snacking

Inflight Retail

We can help you stock your snack trolley with branded or white-label pre-packed cakes, bakes and cookies perfect to capitalise on inflight retail opportunities. With loads of different formats, flavours, bespoke opportunities and long shelf lives, we can support your business with large scale orders.

Complimentary Snacks

From thaw and serve muffins to a wide range of pre-packed baked goods, we have the perfect sweet treats for your lounge’s buffet or premium inflight snack pack. We’ll work with you on the perfect recipes and formats to reflect your brand, customer demand and seasonal changes.

We’re at the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo!

Are you at World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo in Hamburg later on 28th-30th May? Take your inflight experience to new heights with our latest sweet product innovations! For complimentary snacks, retail on board treats, private label or bespoke innovation, Queensland Bakery is the sweetest way to satisfy your passengers from take-off to touch down.

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