Five on-trend flavours to supercharge your sales

While classics like a great chocolate brownie or the perfectly chewy cookie never go out of style, on-trend flavours and formats are key to keeping your customers coming back for more.

We’ve pulled together our top five trends to keep your sweet treat sales on track.

#1. Retro favourites with a modern twist

Nostalgia has been a key food trend for some time now, with luxury modern twists on old school classics driving sweet treat NPD. Think baked Alaska doughnuts, Pavlova cakes and even luxe pop tarts.

According to research from Innova, 37 per cent of consumers of all ages are looking for traditional and nostalgic flavours, with unique and different flavours mattering most to a quarter of consumers. So, combine the two, and you’re sure to be on to a winner.

#2. Loaded everything

The trend for cakes and bakes with elaborate toppings seems to be here to stay, from artisan doughnuts to brownies and traybakes, sprinkles, drizzles and contrasting textures bring a fresh perspective on familiar formats.

And it’s not just sweet treats getting the loaded treatment. How does a savoury Danish filled with a pepper béchamel and topped with whipped Parmesan and pickle sound? Puts that lunchtime cheese and pickle sandwich to shame…

#3. Show-stopping traybakes

Traybakes are perfect for high volume out of home food sales, and for pulling off that home-baked look on a commercial scale. But we’re not just talking brownies and flapjacks – there’s so much NPD in this area right now.

Think confetti cake with strawberry icing and sprinkles, pistachio cake with prosecco buttercream and strawberry jam or coconut and lemon drizzle. Traybakes let you tap into all the latest flavour trends, ready to slice and serve up at scale.

#4. Plant-based indulgence

Where vegan used to be a niche diet choice, plant-based and flexitarian are now mainstream consumer trends, covering every category in food retail and out of home eating. 

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global vegan food market is predicated to grow by 12.95 per cent to 2028, and ongoing newness will be key to its sales potential. And with innovation like artisan doughnuts, indulgent stuffed salted caramel cookies and Lotus Biscoff cake, why wouldn’t you choose a vegan option instead?

#5. Snacks, but smaller

According to Mondelez International, 86 per cent of consumers want smaller portion size treat options, so they can still enjoy the taste without the extra calories.

Mini bites in sharing packs have been a real success for retail brands like M&S for years, but offering a perfectly formed individual treat on your café counter or dinner menu could help maximise sales with customers who might otherwise have passed on dessert.

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