The rise of the Whoopie Cookie

Whoopie cookies, otherwise known as cookie sandwiches, and not to be confused with ice-cream cookie sandwiches, have been a huge craze across the United States and are are now proving to be very popular in the UK. The delicious whoopie cookie consists of two cookies with a creamy filling sandwiched between them, and is believed to originate from America. At Queensland Bakery Co. we’ve noticed that they’re now becoming the latest trend in bakery, from independent bakeries stocking their own to major stores such as Tesco creating their own ranges. Find out more about why the nation is starting to fall in love with these soft and creamy sweet treats…

Whoopie cookies are fun, delicious, and much more convenient to eat on the move than a showstopping cupcake with lots of icing and toppings. But that doesn’t mean they can’t look just as good. Innovation is at the heart of every whoopie cookie, and they’ve been developed with all sorts of ingredients, including being covered in sprinkles, stuffed with chocolate chips or creating brightly coloured cookies. According to Mintel, 4 in 10 cake buyers are influenced by the visual appeal of cake, further implying the importance of innovative sweet treats like the whoopie cookie.

Originally, whoopie cookies were made using chocolate cookies and vanilla icing for the filling, which is their classic flavour. But as the demand for these treats started to increase, so did the variety of flavours. Just like the many sweet treats, whoopie cookies are adaptable to many flavours, and there are now a whole host of new flavour combinations to try, from pumpkin spiced and gingerbread to even spiced apple and cinnamon. This variety provides a great opportunity for the baking industry as there are so many unique flavours that can be, and are being developed, to create interest for consumers. According to Mintel, “consumers will be seeking products that amplify flavours, colours, textures, aromas and interactivity to create moments of happiness or memorable experiences”, and it’s safe to say whoopie cookies definitely tick all those boxes. 

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