What makes cookies so popular? How to capitalise on the UK's favourite sweet bake.

Trends may come and go but there’s no shaking the cookie from the top of the sweet treats tree. Second only to crisps in their list of go-to snacks, UK consumers have a long-standing love affair with cookies that shows no signs of waning.

Despite their enduring popularity and solid sales performance, there’s still plenty of potential in the cookie market. Recent figures show the cookie market is up six per cent year-on-year in volume sales, with the UK and Germany showing the greatest growth in Europe.

And while the cost of living crisis continues to bite, 34 per cent of consumers still want to indulge themselves regularly with sweet baked goods, with 40 per cent demanding quality over price. UK premium cookie sales were up 20 per cent in 2022, showing that even when times are tough, a little of what you fancy does you good.

So, if you want to boost your sales by adding cookies to your retail, convenience or wholesale range, here are our top trends to look out for.

#1. Humble heroes

Sometimes the oldies are the best, whether that’s flavours, formats or textures. From nostalgic pudding inspired flavours to sandwich formats filled with iconic sweet spreads, this sweet trend is all about tapping into comfort and familiarity in new and interesting ways.


  • Skillet-style cookies loaded with Nutella, Oreos and marshmallows
  • Super-sized versions of old school favourites
  • Cookie sandwiches filled with sweet spreads, buttercream and gooey mallow
  • Stuffed-cookies oozing with salted caramel or lemon curd
  • Classic cookies topped with spiced streusel, caramelised sugar and zesty fruit curds
  • Best of both cookies with classic flavour combos side by side

#2. Super sensory

The best sweet treats are about more than taste – it’s about texture, aesthetic and flavour combinations that keep your taste buds guessing. From the latest TikTok trend to fine dining flavour combos adapted for the mass market, considering the multi-sensory appeal of your cookies is key.


  • Grown-up cookies with a splash of booze, like salted rum caramel
  • Swalty (sweet / salty) and swicy (sweet / spicy) combos like smoked salt or gochujang caramel
  • Fruity additions like yuzu to cut through cookies’ usual sweetness
  • Unexpected seasonal flavours like sweet potato or apple cider
  • Cross-cultural flavours like ube, matcha, miso, tahini, pandan and hibiscus

#3. Better for you

These days, a healthy diet is all about balance, which means sweet treats are still on the menu for many health-conscious shoppers. For these consumers, quality ingredients and smart swaps are important, so making tweaks to portion sizes and recipes that don’t impact on enjoyment are key.


  • Mini bite versions of indulgent treats to help with portion control
  • Cookie recipes with added goodness like fruit, seeds and nuts
  • Plant-based versions of classic cookies

Did you know…? Recent trials showed a 250 per cent increase in sales when cookies were placed next to a grab and go coffee machine.

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