Why loaf cakes are the star of your sweet treats range

With a history dating back more than 300 years, the loaf cake continues to hold its own against the on-trend wholesale cookies, cronuts and cruffins crowding retail and food service counters. But this home-bakers’ favourite has more going for it than mere nostalgia – it’s a format that offers flexibility, innovation and sales at scale, however you need your cake serving.

Whether you need whole cakes to slice or pre-packed slices to grab and go, there’s so much more to the modern loaf cake than lemon drizzle.

Not convinced loaf cakes are right for you? Here are five reasons to take a fresh look:

You can slice loaf cakes and pass them off as your own

Carefully baked and perfectly formed, wholesale loaf cakes are the perfect choice for retail and food service settings, as you can slice yourself and serve as required. Perfect for putting on display in counter-top cake stands ready to slice fresh for your customers, or pre-sliced for minimum fuss, loaf cakes are the perfect volume product that you can even pass off as home-made.

Loaf cakes are ideal if you need to serve hungry hoards

If your business deals in volume, a loaf cake is the perfect sweet treat to serve at scale. Keep it whole in the kitchen to serve up as needed, or slice as thickly or thinly as you like to plate up in advance. Suppliers like Queensland Bakery Co. can even provide thaw and serve options to pop in the freezer, so you’ve always got fresh cake ready when you need it.

Loaf cakes can cater to different dietary needs

Catering to multiple dietary needs, whether that’s plant-based, gluten free or reduced sugar, is key whether customers are eating in or grabbing a slice of loaf cake to go. Switching out ingredients to add protein or add health benefits – for example, switching butter with yogurt for a moister loaf, or adding fruit and seeds to add natural sweetness and fibre – keeps your range feeling new and relevant, while helping customers justify that little treat.

It’s easy to innovate and tap into loaf cake trends

From seasonal flavours you can swap in and out, to old favourites with a twist, loaf cakes allow you to innovate and trial flavour combinations at a scale that suits your business. Not sure the latest on-trend flavour combination is for you? Trial one loaf and see how it goes, scaling up your order if your new flavour is a hit. Need a varied range to suit varied customer tastes? Order each flavour and see what sells best.

Perfect for pre-packed grab and go

A slice of loaf cake pre-cut and perfectly packaged is an ideal on-the-go portion controlled sweet treat for high volume out of home and convenience businesses. Choose branded cake for a straight to shelf option, or work with a white label bakery like QBC to develop your own loaf cake flavours and branding perfectly tailored to your customer, mixing and matching traditional and on trend flavours to keep your range fresh.

From loaf cake favourites like lemon and blueberry, carrot cake, coffee and cinnamon and banana to bespoke recipes to reflect the seasons or current food trends, QBC can help. Choose from whole and sliced loaf cakes ready to serve or individually wrapped, ambient or thaw and serve. Ready to explore? Get in touch now to find out how we can help.