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Five trends for Contract Caterers to consider in bakeries

Bakery products are surging in popularity with consumers year on year. According to Ibis World, the market size of baked goods in the UK in 2022 is £8.4bn, and is only continuing to grow. As an ever-growing industry, it’s important for contract caterers to keep on top of the latest trends and developments….

Case study – University Hospitals of Leicester

UHL wanted to increase and revamp their snacking range in their coffee shops and cafes so that patients, staff, and visitors had a variety of choice and an improved quality of snacks. Their initial brief prioritised high-quality snacks that met a price point that was affordable for them and their customers, to help increase and drive sales.

2023 Bakery Trends, Straight out of the Oven

As the bakery industry is hugely influenced by consumer trends and demands, it’s important to review what’s next for the industry as a whole. With 2023 just around the corner, here are our top trends for the year and beyond…

Top Tips to Consider when Choosing Healthcare Desserts

There are a lot of factors that affect the overall satisfaction in a patients stay at a healthcare centre, with the quality of the healthcare’s food service being one of the main ones. According to a recent study conducted by Sofia Rapo et al found that the quality of food is one of the most important factors that affects a patients’ overall satisfaction and experience, which demonstrates the importance of offering good quality, nutritious food for patients. Find out more about our tips to consider when choosing healthcare desserts in our blog here.